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ALICE Season 1 Episode 2

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Part 1: After chasing down a suspicious drone, Jin Gyeom thinks he sees his mom and suddenly gets hit by a car. He’s not the only one who claims to have witnessed a drone, and strangely, reported sightings all occur at odd crime scenes. Jin Gyeom continues to work a kidnapping case involving a mom from the future, hoping it will lead to seeing his mother one more time. Part 2: A time traveller out to get revenge escorted by Alice, an organization providing time-travelling services, commits murder in the past. Jin Gyeom chases him down but loses him. When Alice tries to ban him from future time travels, he takes down an Alice guard and makes his way back to the past and knocks on Jin Gyeom’s door.

Episode Name:Jin Gyeom Sees His Mom / A Patron With Vengeance

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